Janak Raj Mahajan B.Ed College--Principal Message

Education is the process of Human enlightenment and progress to attain better and higher quality of life.A Value based and effective system of education result in manifolds potentialities and competencies.The aim of Our college to provide better and effective education to all our pupil teachers .Education provides a significant role to attain the goal.It gives me deep happiness and immense satisfication that Janak Raj Mahajan B.Ed College Gangath has play a vital and pioneering role in meeting with demand of qualitative Education.Our Pupil teachers servers in the field of education from the last 14 years at diffrent destination of Country,especially in Himachal and neighboring states.

The institutes has proud of his talented and genius pupil teachers.Our teaching staff is one of the best and well educated staff which fulfills the norms regarding qualification and skills set by NCTE as well as HP University.It is also essential for richer & purpose ful life .I assure that Janak Raj Mahajan B.Ed College Gangath would not only illuminate the souls of our pupil teachers but also make them walk on the right path.